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Our Team

Angela Adams, Owner, Licensed Floral Designer

            Angela has given her heart and soul to make her business successful.  Angela credits her love of flowers and design to her grandmother. Together they made arrangements with fresh flowers from the garden when she was a child. Today, Angela loves to travel and often gathers inspiration for the shop from her adventures. Angela's favorite place to visit is the flower district in New York City. Fall is her favorite time of year for floral design and her favorite flower is the hydrangea.


Robert Adams, Delivery Specialist and Everything Else

            Robert, Angela's husband, is her strongest supporter, both at home and at the shop. He is a delivery expert, often starting his day delivering before the shop opens. Robert also fixes everything in the shop and builds the bases for our balloon arches and columns. His favorite flowers are sunflowers and red roses.

Cindy Pertuit, Customer Service Specialist

            Cindy knows every customer and remembers what their favorite items are.  She always answers the phone with a cheerful greeting.  She loves to ride in the Mardi Gras Parades and has special treats for the customers she sees.  Cindy is also enjoying her new grandson, Henry.  Her favorite flower is the gerber daisy.

Sheri McCulla, Licensed Floral Designer

            Sheri is known as the “corsage and wristlet queen”.  She is the expert in making small detailed items.  Sheri also makes a lot of our Christmas decorations and everyday wreaths.  Her favorite flowers are hydrangeas and sunflowers.

Jacinta Wisinger, Customer Service Specialist, Book Keeper, and Licensed Floral Designer

            Jacinta started working here as a hobby. She loved it so much she stayed for over 30 years and counting! Jacinta handles our accounting and is an excellent sales person.  Her favorite flower is the peppermint carnation.

JoAnn West, Licensed Floral Designer

            JoAnn has many years of experience as a licensed floral designer. Her specialty is silk wreaths and arrangements. Her hobby is gardening, and her favorite flower is a Peony.

David & Laura Roger, Facebook Page Coordinators

                Laura works at Terrebonne General Medical Center, but helps out for all holidays with her husband, David.  David works at South Louisiana Bank and is a serious LSU fan. 


Patricia Hutchinson, Delivery Driver

                Patricia can be found delivering flowers and smiles all over. Her favorite flower is a Sunflower.


Brandy Willis, Delivery Driver

                Brandy can be found out sending sunny vibes with every delivery. Often gets mistaken for her twin sister Mandy, her favorite flower is a callalilly.

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